Photo de maisons à colombage à Rennes


Campus de Beaulieu, bâtiments 22 et 23
263 avenue du Général Leclerc, CS 74205
35042 RENNES Cédex

Tél : +33 223236670
Fax : +33 223235464

Directions to the Beaulieu Campus

The main location of the IRMAR laboratory is on the Beaulieu campus, in building 22-23.

Map of Rennes
Map of the campus

By Bus

There are buses from dowtown, the train station and from the airport to the campus. Now the bus C6 makes the trip from the airport to the Beaulieu campus, stop at Tournebride, useful link.

  • From downtown : take the bus C4, C6, C40Ex or 41Ex at République or Pasteur to Tournebride.
  • From the train station : take the bus 41Ex to Tournebride. Alternatively, walk or take the subway to République and continue as above.
  • From the airport : take the direct line C6 to Tournebride either take bus 57 to République and continue as above.

The bus tickets can be bought on board (1,5€ for one hour).
Map of the bus network
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Footpath from Tournebride to IRMAR (about 10 minutes).

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A multi-site institute

The IRMAR is multi-site: its researchers are located on the Beaulieu campus (Université de Rennes 1, INRIA, INSA Rennes), the Villejean campus (Université de Rennes 2), Institut Agro Rennes-Angers, as well as the Ker Lann campus (ENS Rennes, DGA, ENSAI).


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