How to get to the mathematics department

Mailing address

Campus de Beaulieu, bât. 22 et 23
University of Rennes 1
263 avenue du Général Leclerc, CS 74205
35042 RENNES Cédex

Phone : (0033) 2-23-23-66-70
Fax : (0033) 2-23-23-54-64

Campus map

The department of mathematics of the University of Rennes 1 is located in the northern part of the campus in the buidings 22-23. You can consult the campus map.

How to find us

You find the train station ("gare SNCF", in red) in the central part of the map of the general regionof Rennes. The campus of the "Université de Rennes 1" is in the eastern part of the same map.

The train station is also shown in the southern part of the map of the central part of the city of Rennes.

Public transportation

When starting in the center of Rennes you can take the bus with the numbers 4, 6, 40Ex or 41 Ex at the bus stations "République" or "Pasteur". You should exit the bus at "Tournebride".
The bus map is available here. (itinerary)

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