Members (2010-2011)

Head : Mark Baker.

Professors : Mark Baker, Dominique Cerveau (membre IUF), Françoise Dal'Bo, Christophe Dupont (50% with Ergodic Theory group) and Jean-Marie Lion.

Associate Professors : Max Bauer, Guy Casale, Frédéric Touzet and Bert Wiest.

Researcher (CNRS) : Frank Loray and Juan Souto (50% with Ergodic Theory group).

Associate Researchers (CNRS) : Luc Pirio and Victor Kleptsyn.

Doctoral Students : Damien Davy, Arnaud Girand (50% with Ergodic Theory group), Néstor Fernández Vargas (50% with Algebraic Geometry group), Alexandre Bellis and Axel Rogue.

Recent Members :

Karamoko Diarra, Matthieu Calvez, Gael Cousin, Sandrine Caruso, Élise Goujard and Anton Zorich (Paris 7).